"Internet + Vegetable Field" for College Student Farmmakers

July 14, 2015 16:24:05

At four o'clock in the morning, the sky was not yet bright. Sha Haizhuang and his friends took the delivery car bound for Laixi and Pingdu, picked up the goods at the cooperative agricultural base, and returned to the base camp in Chengyang at 7 o'clock. The logistics team The little friends have printed the order, and the next step is the ordering, packaging, and delivery. They have been busy until noon, eating a few bites, taking a break, and going to the community with a few partners to promote in the afternoon. When I return at night, I will arrange my order for a day and discuss the harvest of the day. After a busy and busy day, before going to bed, Hai Zhuang received a text message from an older farmer in Pingdu: "Thank you for helping me sell my potted vegetables ..." This made him warm up for more than five months This kind of hard work can be regarded as a hint of comfort.

Extending "Internet +" to Farmers' Vegetable Gardens

January 4 this year is a special day for Sha Haizhuang and his six friends. Their "Little Apple Delivery Network" was officially registered and started operations. Speaking of their website, Sha Haizhuang explained, "Consumers in the city want to buy green and healthy agricultural and sideline products, and farmers in the rural area want to sell high-quality agricultural products that they have carefully cultivated. All we have to do is to bridge The Internet connects the two ends and enables the circulation of resources. "

This idea is not a few of them suddenly thinking, "Some of us are graduates of Qingnong University. After graduation, they work in agricultural enterprises and deal with the countryside, farmers, and crops every day. In addition, we are all from the countryside. "Study boy always has a special feeling for the land and has a deep friendship with the farmers in the cooperative." Sha Haizhuang introduced, "Last year, a farmer in Pingdu Nancun Township planted a dozen potted vegetables in greenhouses. As a farmer, we know that this potted vegetable can not be applied with pesticides, is particularly green and healthy, and is especially convenient for growing at home. However, the problem was that there was no market. This potted plant grew quickly, it grew old and could not be sold. I remember it very clearly. That day, the elder brother of the farmer sat on the ground and watched a dozen potted vegetables in the greenhouse unable to sell. He could not do anything. He could only keep smoking, which was particularly uncomfortable. "

Sha Haizhuang said that he has worked in this industry for 3 years and encountered too many such things. Every time he sees a peasant who has been working hard for half a year but has lost a lot of money because of not spending the road, Sha Haizhuang will think of his own Family, "I'm also from the countryside, I know it's not easy for farmers." He and a few small partners together, is there any good way to help these farmers sell high-quality agricultural products? Let consumers in the city really eat green and organic agricultural products?

By chance, a friend said during a chat that he had a mobile client software, but couldn't find a good project. A few friends immediately agreed, and they used the "Internet +" idea to sell agricultural products!

Open awareness with cosplay

The idea is there, but it can be really difficult to carry out. "At the beginning, we only thought of using the most original methods for promotion, issuing single pages and posting posters. I was so busy that I could only sleep for four or five hours a day, but it was always effortless. Please, the website ’s page views have always been very low. Even when customers call, they are mostly consultation telephones, not actual orders. Just when everyone was at a loss, they suddenly remembered that when they were studying at Qingnong University, the teacher said, The customer really saw the product, 'and we decided to go into the community to advertise. "

Entering the community is not as simple as imagined. "The first few communities contacted were not willing to let us in, and some communities offered high-priced venue fees. Fortunately, after several encounters, several communities felt that It was not easy for us young people to start a business, so we agreed to let us enter the community for promotion. "In order to better attract people's attention, Sha Haizhuang took a lot of their brains." At the time, we were just in time for Children's Day. Each partner played cosplay and played Spider-Man to accompany the children to the festival. "Send a small windmill, a show ... one activity, and take off the thick Spider-Man costume. Sha Haizhuang's whole body was soaked, but also Since that time, more and more people have known their team and their little apple delivery network.

"Now we regard entering the community as our 'roadshow'. We organize promotional activities in different communities every afternoon, as well as tasting sessions. The activities have also received good results. More and more people know our little apple. The delivery network has gradually trusted our products, and even the communities that originally shut us out have begun calling us to invite us to do activities. "

At present, the number of followers of Little Apple Express has exceeded 20,000, and there are more than 1,000 active fans who often buy products. They are located in more than 100 communities in Qingdao city, of which 60 are in Chengyang. They are the ones that make Sha Haizhuang happy Yes, their Little Apple Express has indirectly helped 2,000 farmers.

Make a personal customization for a healthy life

In fact, the agricultural product franchise website is not a new idea, so if you want to gain a foothold in the market, you must control the quality of the product. Sha Haizhuang, according to the resources accumulated in their previous work, identified seven or eight fixed cooperation bases, Pingdu, Laixi, Tai'an, Laiwu, Guangxi ... "Each of our cooperation bases has been closely examined in the previous period. To ensure that our products must be the safest and healthiest. "Free delivery is the rule they set when they established the Little Apple delivery network. Despite the small number of people and the heavy task, they still guarantee that all products will be delivered on the same day. Retain inventory.

"Actually, in the initial exploration phase, we also tried to cooperate with several small-scale vendors, hoping to sell our products at their stalls, but later found that there were many problems, and some merchants would mix bad products to sell to Customers, as well as some merchants, have very bad attitudes. These have let us slowly dispel this idea. We decided to just do 'peer-to-peer' and send the product to each customer through ourselves. "

Speaking of future planning, Sha Haizhuang smiled with his little friends, "In fact, we haven't thought too much about it, and it is still in its infancy. All we have to do is to stabilize and ensure the customer's purchase experience. Generate trust. Now that we have limited funds and manpower, we can only carry out activities in Chengyang. In the future, we will also slowly extend to make the best agricultural express network for the entire island city. Our current vision is to The personal customization expert of the healthy diet of the island city residents will also set up a customer file for each customer in the future, and provide various fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products according to the customer's health needs. "

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