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September 23, 2019 08:57:03

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Qingdao Beverage Group: Be the "Icebreaker"

The remodeling process is a globalization, diversification, and youthful reengineering project

Centuries of wind and rain, centuries of things change stars. In the new era, is the century-old brand firmly established or reborn? Tsingtao Beverage Group, which has two hundred-year-old brands, has grown with its "inverse age" and answered.

In the 15th "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" list previously released by the World Brand Lab, the value of the "Dangshan" mineral water brand owned by Qingdao Beverage Group soared to 22.895 billion yuan, an increase of 101.5 over the previous year. 100 million yuan. In addition, another core brand of the Group, “East China” wine has once again entered the list with a brand value of 5.318 billion yuan.

It is the heavy brand value that makes every appearance of it full of confidence.

At the 2019 Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum held this year, the two new healthy products released by the beverage group-the "eyeworm algae" plant beverage packaged in aluminum cans and brown sugar and ginger juice attracted the public's attention. After a long time of Laoshan Baihua snake grass water, another drink with the potential to become "net red Shenshui". At the same time, East China Bailey Winery 2018 Chardonnay Dry White Wine also received praise from Chinese and foreign guests at the dinner for its round wine and rich fruit aroma. Just one year ago at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit, the beverage group, as a special sponsor, also conquered the distinguished guests with special products and services.

■ Laoshan mineral water became the only designated water for the SCO Qingdao Summit.

Not only Qingdao, the “tentacles” of the beverage group continue to expand outward. In recent years, Laoshan mineral water has repeatedly appeared in high-end government affairs meetings such as the “Belt and Road Summit”, “G20 Summit”, “World Industrial Internet Conference”, “70th Anniversary of the People ’s Liberation Army Navy ’s Founding of Multinational Naval Activities”, “Anti-Fascist Victory 70 Anniversary parade "and other major domestic and foreign activities, and has become the water for more than a dozen embassies in China; strategic cooperation with the training bureau of the State General Administration of Sport, to become the water for the Chinese delegation preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ...

The stunning appearances and new product releases again and again are actually the important signals that the beverage group is releasing to the outside world: the century-old "Dangshan" has not stood still and tends to be conservative, but strives for innovation and constantly strikes the frontier of fashion.

Looking back at the previous five years of transformation and exploration, it can be said that the restructuring process of the beverage group is a globalization, diversification, and youthful reengineering of the brand, and it is also a "Ice Breaking Journey" that returns to the core and gradually innovates.

"Breaking" the plight of water:

From rooting in Qingdao to going global

Quality is always the "hard core" of the product.

Since the "Hedgehog Well" in Laoshan was discovered by the world in 1900, Laoshan mineral water has begun a century-long journey full of legend. In the 1990s, the president of Evian Mineral Water Asia Sales once said: "In China, only Eshan Mineral Water can be compared with Evian Mineral Water."

The continuity and inheritance in the context of time have made the golden signboard of “Laoshan” deep into the hearts of the Qingdao people, but when they sought for greater development in the regional dimension, they found that the “Laoshan” with regional characteristics has become the biggest barrier to development .

Looking at the current status of the global water industry, Wang Da, Party Secretary and Chairman of Qingdao Beverage Group Co., Ltd., believes that "the inability of Laoshan mineral water to go out is mainly constrained by the source of water, and the small amount of resources and environmental constraints is a fatal problem. Limited water How can we become bigger and stronger? This bottleneck must first be broken down ideologically. "

At that time, from the perspective of the beverage group, the export brand should be more important than the export product. So how to solve the problem? Laoshan mineral water has locked the development goal of “building the first brand of high-end natural mineral water in China”. The first and foremost key step is to find “sources of the same quality” outside Laoshan to provide sufficient capacity for the expansion of domestic and foreign markets.

In 2014, the Beverage Group opened the "finding water" road throughout the country. The team went to Tibet, Yunnan, Gansu, Anhui, and Tai'an and Surabaya in the province to conduct water inspections. "Compared with pure water, the source of mineral water is very scarce. It is more difficult to find a high-quality water source and its surrounding environment is suitable for building a plant." Jiang Minghong, technical director of Yankuang, said.

After several years of searching, in the Cambrian strata of ultra-deep mineral wells 2,000 meters underground in Yinan County, Jiang Minghong and colleagues finally found high-quality mineral water that met the mineral content standards. Shandong Minshan Mineral Water Co., Ltd. was born.

■ Shandong Laoshan Mineral Water Co., Ltd. located in Yinan County.

Not long ago, it appeared as a large-scale healthy water beverage project under the Beverage Group. Shandong Laoshan Mineral Water Co., Ltd., which is located in Yinan County, was officially put into production. It covers an area of nearly 100 acres. The popularization of science popularization and industrial tourism is a comprehensive enterprise with the highest level of modernization and the best ecological environment protection. Taking this as a fulcrum, Yankuang has realized the first step of taking autonomous water resources out of Laoshan and out of Qingdao. To this end, Yankuang has also established a brand new mineral water brand, Yanshan Mineral Spring, which focuses on the national market. Since then, a new matrix of synergistic development between the “Luoshan Mineral Spring” and the original “Sheshan” dual brand has been established.

In synchronization with the search for water and water in all parts of the country, the beverage group's marketing strategy and terminal channel deployment have also successfully moved out of Qingdao, and have entered the country and even the global market. Throughout the country, since 2017, Laoshan Mineral Spring has established sales cooperation relationships with the Palace Museum, Decathlon and other well-known enterprises, and established Beijing Marketing Company and Shanghai Marketing Joint Venture. Overseas, at present, the Group has established 7 overseas offices in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, and set up a "Belt and Road" joint venture in Hong Kong. Up to now, the “Dangshan” series of drinks have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in batches.

As a result, the beverage group opened a new situation where the water source is no longer limited to Laoshan, and created a new layout relying on brand, quality, technology, management, and investment to form a national production and global marketing. It truly embarked on a strong regional The butterfly change journey that the brand upgrades to the national brand.

"Broken" Industry Limits:

Diversity attempts in cross-border cooperation

In the tide of new technology, new products and new concepts, beverage groups with a sense of industry innovation will naturally not be limited to making water and wine.

Facing the tuyere of the great health era, Laoshan mineral water has accordingly expanded its product line. Soft drinks, soda water, flavored water, and near-water beverages have come out one after another. Hot spots such as brown sugar ginger juice, chlorella, and enzyme drinks have been developed. product. When constructing its own product matrix, Laoshan mineral water based on the channel's horizontal diversification strategy, formed several categories of bottled water, functional drinks, health drinks and other categories, making "Laoshan" gradually develop into a "one-specialist, multi-functional" Three-dimensional, compound beverage brand.

■ East China Bailey Wine Estate.

On the other hand, in the era of consumption upgrade, East China Wine has seized the market's personalized consumption needs and launched customized services. Through the implementation of cross-border integration, East China has opened a "private custom model" for large B-end customers. With the highly flexible configuration of production factors such as equipment, production lines, factories, and suppliers, the entire value chain of the company is gradually driven by the past. Shift to today's user-pull mode.

In order to further develop channels, East China focuses on advancing in-depth cooperation with high-quality merchants such as Central United Foreign Trade, Taishan Famous Drinks, Sinopec, and PetroChina Convenience Store. On the other hand, it is testing new retail and strengthening cooperation with alcohol O2O platforms. In June of this year, East China and Goethe Yingxiang Co., Ltd. and Tianjucheng Trading Co., Ltd. strategically joined forces to establish Qingdao East China Buying Wine Platform Technology Co., Ltd. On the streets of Qingdao, it is now possible to find Huadong Manor also buying liquor brand stores, and in the next three years, hundreds of stores will be opened in Qing.

Cross-border is different from simple combination, but relies on the collaboration and interaction between industries based on the main business advantage.

In recent years, the Group has taken the development of high-end specialty mineral water and special wine series brands as its starting point, supplemented by upstream and downstream industry platforms such as specialty agriculture, artisan manufacturing, e-commerce, and fashion and cultural tourism, to vigorously expand the brand's new development space. In the next step, the beverage group will gradually separate the cultivation, production, sales, and logistics systems, establish marketing companies, and cultivate 1 or 2 companies with listing conditions, and then form a raw material planting industry, manufacturing industry, commerce, modern service industry, and cultural tourism. Industry is an integrated platform-type health food and beverage joint industry investment group.

"Broken" brand aging:

Fashion Marketing, Time-honored New Thinking

Nowadays, many domestic FMCG industries, especially some established enterprises, are facing the dilemma of brand rejuvenation. How to choose the transition path is not completely clear to everyone. The distinctive red product of the Beverage Group's specialty product Laoshan Baihua Snake Water has undoubtedly provided a model for the industry.

"Dark cuisine in the beverage industry" "Soul agar" "Drink as much as you want" ... In 2016, Laoshan Baihua snake grass water appeared in the "Top 5 Hardest Drinking Drinks in History" list, in an "irregular" ridicule In the dissemination of sound and jokes, young netizens from all over the world joined forces to bring this old product to the stage again.

In fact, the wild heat of Laoshan Baihua snake grass water is not an accidental insertion of willow but a deliberate marketing method. In this wave of operations, Beverage Group seized the user ’s curiosity and reverse psychology, and leveraged the power of KOL (Opinion Leader), Internet celebrities and mainstream media to accurately guide consumers' behaviors and let consumers "intentionally do it." In addition, to capture consumers' demand for healthy drinking water, while raising the topic's heat, cooperating with the introduction of the popular science article on the efficacy of Laoshan Baihua snake grass water. After a series of brand promotion and word-of-mouth communication, the sales income of Laoshan Baihua snake grass water achieved a growth of 138% in 2017, and the “explosion model” had an immediate impact on the brand influence and terminal channels.

As a century-old state-owned enterprise, the beverage group was able to summon the courage to "go black" and surprised a lot of bystanders. In this regard, Wang Da said in an earlier interview: "The old name is not a burden, but a wealth. To rejuvenate an old brand, it is necessary to make the product culture more distinctive through innovation in business philosophy, management methods, and marketing models. "

It is with this "zero return" mentality that in recent years, the beverage group has continuously combed and improved from product development, product packaging, product systems, brand value, etc., and at the same time actively organized various brand remodeling activities and segmented goals The customer group uses the sports, culture, conference forums and other events with high public attention and participation to increase the stickiness between brands and consumers.

After getting enough attention, we found that this century-old brand that is good at accepting and grasping Internet gameplay in the mobile Internet era is still active today, and is actively playing a new role and new mission to lead the fashion trend.

(Reporter Wang Bingjie of Qingdao Daily / Qingdao Guan / Qingbao Daily)

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